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Oxford York: Cancer Circle (OYCC) was founded on July 27, 2015. Our initiative is based on catering towards the physical, emotional and spiritual needs for individuals aged 18-39 who have been touched by cancer at all stages.

The founder, Dr. Oxford York, has undergone life-altering events when he was diagnosed with cancer stage 3B /4. The experience of cancer occurring to an active health care practitioner, martial artist and mentor ended up becoming a blessing in disguise because it improved his attitude, understanding and perspective on how to maintain balance and overall wellness. Moreover, the experience increased his understanding of the spirit being the catalyst to lead the mind and body when enduring challenging times. The energy generated from the experience helped Dr. York to gather together a team of compassionate, dedicated and kindly professionals to help construct OYCC and to develop its philosophy of wellness.

We are a unique organization in Quebec that focuses upon supporting young adults and adolescents, family caregivers and supporters in terms of  physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our goals will be achieved through establishing support groups, continuous community and corporate donations and fundraising events.  Our vision will be maintained through empowering individual’s lives to make positive change. The influence of OYCC will be contagious.

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